We are highly qualified specialists in our master goldsmith workshop with the experience of over 100 years tradition.

We love fine jewelry and happy people.

Our range includes all precious metals as 18 K yellow gold, white gold, red gold or rosé gold, sterling silver and precious stones such as diamond, pearl, ruby, sapphire onyx, pearls, moonstones and many more interesting gemstones. We offer an extensive service for maintenance, consultation and repairs when it comes to your fine jewelry. If for any reason your jewelry is damaged and you require professional information regarding the repair options, please fill out our Repair Form and we’ll do our best to help.

We hand-knot pearl necklaces and stone chains on natural silk threads. Natural silk is an exquisite material which can
Naturseide ist ein exquisites und feines Material, which can show signs of wear if worn frequently and can lose its elasticity. Hence, pearls should be re-stringed with a new thread annually.

Our natural cotton and leather cords may need to be replaced over time depending on use. If you would like us to re-cord the item for you, please fill out our Online Form, and we will contact you shortly.